“A very useful widget to easily calculate currency conversions between more than 200 world currencies, plus all the old legacy european currencies!„


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Main features are:
  1. Automatically updated exchange rates
  2. Support all the traded currencies of the world
  3. Support the old legacy european currencies (like italian lira, deutsch mark, french francs) and other legacy currencies of the world
  4. Support multiple currencies conversions (you can add all the currencies you want to the conversion table)
  5. Support multiple widget instances, so that you can keep open more than a conversion table, each with a set of preferred currencies
  6. You can choose the desired decimal precision, from 1 to 5 decimals
  7. You can evaluate expressions (ex. 10+10, 10*3,2, etc.)
  8. You can sort currencies by name, by ISO code or by countries (all the countries of the world are listed!)
  9. You can calculate the exchange taxes setting the exchange taxes rate (for example 2% for credit cards)
  10. You can do inverse conversion, too! Just enter * in a currency value field and you'll get the current rate for that currency vs the other currencies in the table
  11. Localized in English, Italian, Portuguese, German, French, Dutch, Spanish, Swedish, Polish, Greek, Serbian, Russian, Turkish, Traditional Chinese and Japanese (all the currency names are localized, too). Help me with the localization in other languages
  12. You can choose an interface theme between Blackboard (the new default theme), Blackboard basic (without the currency sign and currency flag), Mini (useful for small screens), Mini translucid (semitransparent) and European (the old default theme). More will be added in the future, you can suggest me your ideas about them
  13. Data can also be updated manually clicking on the orange button on the bottom left of the widget: anyway, starting from version 0.9.5, this only works once per hour, to avoid the overload of my server. Anyway, other products only allow you to download data once or twice a day.
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Version history:
  • Version 2.0.1
    • DegoCoin digital currency added
    • Latvian Lats value fixed
  • Version 2.0
    • Refined interface, optimized for retina display
    • New icon
    • Commodities are now listed in a separate section at the end of the currency list, to make them more noticeable
    • Added 10 more digital/cryptocurrencies
    • New icon
    • Fixed value of New Ghanaian Cedi
    • Latvian Lats now replaced by the Euro
  • Version 1.9.6
    • Fixed rate for Venezuelan Bolivar
  • Version 1.9.5
    • Added support for Zambian Kwacha
    • Now you can set precision to 0 decimals
  • Version 1.9.3
    • Signed for GateKeeper compatibility
  • Version 1.9.2
    • Fixed support for OS X pre 10.8
  • Version 1.9.1
    • Added support for OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion Final Version
  • Version 1.9
    • Now ready for OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion
    • Lybian flag fixed
  • Version 1.8
    • Now ready for MacOs X Lion
    • Bitcoin exchange rate fixed
  • Version 1.7
    • Two new virtual currencies added
    • Linden dollar value fixed
  • Version 1.6
    • Estonian Kroon is now correctly classified as legacy (substituted by the Euro currency since 01/01/2011)
  • Version 1.5.5
    • Icons for metals fixed
    • Localizations fixes
  • Version 1.5.2
    • Fixed ECB exchange rates for some currencies
  • Version 1.5.1
    • Venezuelan Bolivar Fuerte value fixed
    • Improved the update of currencies data through multiple instances of the widget
  • Version 1.5
    • Lithuanian Litas value fixed
    • Inverse conversion interface improved
    • Norwegian localization added (thanks to Odd-Jarle Kristoffersen)
  • Version 1.4.5
    • Fixed the UDI value
  • Version 1.4.2
    • SBD support fixed
    • Exchange rates update code more robust to data errors
  • Version 1.4.1
    • Fixed a crash on startup occurring on some configurations
  • Version 1.4
    • Added support for New Turkmenistan Manat
  • Version 1.3.1
    • Fixed an error in the value of the CLF
  • Version 1.2.1
    • Fixed a memory leak in release 1.2
  • Version 1.2
    • Fixed a download problem with one of the data servers and implement a more robust data download code
  • Version 1.1
    • Slovakian koruna is now listed as a legacy currency, the new currency for Slovakia is correctly set to the Euro
    • Fixed a bug in which the window would partially disappear when selecting text in a value field while in compact skin
    • Fixed a bug in the data update procedure
    • Fixed a bug that prevented the correct display of the Canadian flag
  • Version 1.0
    • Some bugs fixed
    • Fixed some currencies values (UDI & CLF)
    • French and Swedish localizations fixed
  • Version 0.9.9
    • Some bugs fixed
    • Conversion fees are now added to the converted value
    • Linden Dollar value fixed
  • Version 0.9.8
    • Some bugs fixed
    • Serbian localization added (thanks to Dusan Djordjevic)
  • Version 0.9.7
    • Fixed a bug that prevented the widget to load on systems with hfs+ or ufs formatted hd
  • Version 0.9.6
    • Fixed a bug that prevented the widget to load on the first run
  • Version 0.9.5
    • New data update engine
    • Some glitches in localizations fixed
    • Fixed conversion fees calculation behaviour (now they are subtracted and not added to the converted value)
  • Version 0.9.2
    • Fixed the value of the New Ghana Cedi (GHS)
  • Version 0.9.1
    • Fixed a bug under Safari 3.1 with the retrieval of currencies data under certain conditions
    • Fixed the values of some legacy currencies
    • Fixed some localizations
  • Version 0.9
    • Now you can evaluate math expressions
    • Now you can do inverse conversion
    • Now you can choose between interface themes
    • Fixed a bug with the add/remove buttons
    • Now the arrow keys finally works correctly when entering values
  • Version 0.8.3
    • Turkish localization added (thanks to Selcuk Albut)
    • Fixed a small bug with EU flag sometimes not displaying correctly
  • Version 0.8.2
    • Fixed a regression
  • Version 0.8.1
    • Fixed a bug that prevented correct data updates on MacOs X 10.4 Tiger systems
  • Version 0.8
    • The following currencies were added: Special Drawing Rights, Mexican Unidades de Inversion & Chilean U. Fomento
    • Added some nice graphics effects when adding or removing currencies from the table (thanks to the great Scriptaculous library)
    • Polish localization completed (thanks to Cezary Okupski)
  • Version 0.7.6
    • Strong venezuelan bolivares added, the old bolivares have been moved to the old world currencies list
    • Maltese Lira & Cyprus Pound have been moved to the european legacy currencies, since they have been replaced by the Euro on Jan 1, 2008
    • Polish localization added (thanks to Cezary Okupski)
    • Fixed a small glitch due to the moving to a new web site
  • Version 0.7.5
    • Some small bugs fixed
    • New Uruguayan Peso value fixed
    • Some localizations added: Russian (thanks to Mikhail Fedoseev), Greek (thanks to Nicholas Koumenides) and Traditional Chinese (thanks to Patrick Lei)
  • Version 0.7.1
    • Some small bugs fixed
  • Version 0.7
    • Now the values of pegged currencies is more accurate
    • A lot of currencies added, among them some used but not recognized currencies, such as the Transnistrian Ruble
    • Added the section of some recently dismissed world currencies
    • Added the possibility to sort the currencies by Country (all the countries of the world are listed)
    • The widget displays the currency signs and the country flag
    • Added support to the computation of the exchange taxes
    • Solved a bug with setting's saving
    • Solved a bug in the new version detection warning system
    • The arrow keys, forward delete key and tab key now correctly works
    • Fixed compatibility with MacOs X 10.5 Leopard
    • Swedish localization updated and refined (thanks to Conny Brunnkvist)
    • German localization completed by Stephan Hoyer
  • Version 0.6.5
    • Linden Dollar added (Second Life currency)
  • Version 0.6.1
    • 4 new currencies added: CFA Franc (BEAC), Surinam Dollar, Uzbekistan Sum, Macedonian Dinar
  • Version 0.6
    • Now you can visualize on the widget currency labels the currency code instead of the currency name (just check on the widget's back)
    • Afghanistan Afgani and Lao Kip added
    • Now if you place the mouse over the update badge (when it is visible) it tells you what's the latest version available and what version you are using now
    • Couple of bugs fixed
  • Version 0.5.2
    • Malagasy Ariary added
    • Japanese localization updated
  • Version 0.5.1
    • Two minor glitches solved (with Dutch localization and cut & paste on text field)
  • Version 0.5
    • Rwanda Franc added
    • Spanish localization added (thanks to Richard Sypeck)
  • Version 0.4.6
    • Two minor glitches solved
  • Version 0.4.5
    • Now it's possible to choose the desired decimal precision (from 1 to 5 decimals)
    • French and Dutch localizations added (thanks to Pierre Godin and Johan van Balen Blanken)
  • Version 0.4.1
    • Fiji Dollar added back
    • German and Swedish localizations added (thanks to Andreas Köhler and Jac Lundqvist)
  • Version 0.4
    • Serbian Dinar, Libyan Dinar, Syrian Pound, Guyanese Dollar, East Caribbean Dollar, Cuban Peso added; the same no more updated yahoo currencies were removed
    • Now the widget always remember last use settings
    • Portugues and Brazilian Portuguese localizations added (thanks to Carlos Eduardo Souza Lopes)
  • Version 0.3.5
    • Added data for other 26 currencies
    • Added ECB official currencies rates
  • Version 0.3.1
    • Added Japanese localization, thanks to Christopher Li
  • Version 0.3
    • Renamed as CurrencyConverter
    • Now support more than 140 currencies (almost all the traded currencies of the world), plus the legacy european currencies
    • Now we automatically update every 6 hours the currencies exchange rates from the yahoo! finance service. You can force the update, too.
    • Reorganized the widget layout to support multi-currencies conversions (you can add or remove new currencies to the table with just one click)
    • You can sort the currencies list by name, by ticker and by geography, too!
    • Now we automatically check for widget updates and warn you with a convenient visual badge
  • Version 0.2
    • The plugin used by this widget is now a Universal Binary
5 stars
5 stars
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Requested features and reported bugs:
  • Too high background cpu use:
    • this only happens when the widgets is trying to fetch updated currencies exchange rates data and has problem fetching it from the net, so I cannot do anything about it
Help me localize this widget
Please, help me with the localization of this widget in other languages; I've already got currency names for French and Spanish, so if you'd like to help me complete those localizations, just tell me (at the email address below) and I'll send you the localization files.
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